What is Hinduism? – A Techie’s perspective – Part 2

What is Hinduism? – A Techie’s perspective – Part 2

 What is Hinduism? – Mantras:

What is HinduismBefore I say anything about the topic, I would like to establish some basic points:

  • Everything in the Universe (including humans, animals, plants, fruits, vegetables, metals, alloys, etc. – living or dead, fresh or rotten) has certain Energy/Vibrations associated with it. This could be called as its Aura.
  • When a baby is born, its body acts as a receiver of the vibrations of the planets in the Solar System. As the baby grows, the different planets exert varying vibrations (according to their motions or distance from the earth). This difference in the vibrations between those received at birth and those received at the current time felt by the baby defines its “Destiny” —  This is the basis of horoscope.
  • The Aura can be manipulated through exposure of vibrations at particular frequencies – commonly through music.

Example of the above two points are in plenty – as an example, just compare the moods of a butcher with that of a priest. The priest is exposed to the vibrations of Bhajans/ Kirtans/ Satsanghs / Aartis, while the butcher is exposed to the vibrations of shrieking of animals about to be killed.

Another example would be to compare the moods of people who repeatedly listen to heavy Jazz/Metal/Rock music to the moods of those who repeatedly listen to soft/instrumental/soothing music.

Having established these points, I will now explain the science behind the chanting of Mantra – it could be any Mantra – like Lingashtakam, Vishnu Sahasranama, Bhajans, or any other devotional songs.

Each Mantra has a specific tune and is supposed to be sung a specific number of times. This creates a vibration which can change the original vibration of the person. Chanted repeatedly, the vibration of the chanter changes and that gives the Mantra its effect.

So, just lip-synching the mantra is never enough, it HAS to be repeatedly sung in its original tune to get full benefits.

Thus, it is always beneficial to hear happy songs rather than sad songs, as this uplift the mood.

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