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Have you ever thought about taking a WhatsApp Holiday?

Have you ever thought of going on WhatsApp Holiday? Interesting question, Right? Well I am just returning back from WhatsApp Holiday. So you may ask whats so special about it and why so much of fuss about it.

whatsapp holidayFriends, idea for writing this article has evolved from my own real life experience, I recently went on the WhatsApp Holiday accidentally. It all started with my Son playing with my mobile. Accidentally he pressed something and got all the apps removed from my mobile. That act of my son forced me to go on WhatsApp vacation.

After getting to know that all the apps on my mobile got vanished, I started thinking about quickly getting all the very important and essential apps back. And you know what, “WhatsApp” was the first app that came to my mind. As if, it is the only oxygen source I need to be stay alive. But for some strange reason, I started thinking otherwise. As I could observer the little impatience it has caused for not having WhatsApp on my mobile. Then I asked myself a question, is WhatsApp really that necessary for me to live my life or for that matter prove to this world that I am alive. Am I so much addicted to it that I cannot live without it? That gave rise to the idea of taking WhatsApp Sanyas (Retirement). Initially I was calling it WhatsApp Sanyas (WhatsApp Retirement), but eventually it ended up into taking WhatsApp Holiday.

There are few interesting takeaways as below:

    1. First and the foremost thing is that I am happily surprised to see that I could manage without WhatsApp for little more than 2 weeks. Before this Sanyas, a day without WhatsApp seemed highly impossible, but now that has been proven a myth. And the good news is that we can still live without it.
    2. No Doubt, WhatsApp has become an effective medium for real time communication. It’s a great medium for social networking. But then have you realized that over the period, unknown people have started communicating with you, people you really don’t care about, have also started sharing their statuses with you. There is no right moment or time to share the information. At times there is an influx of messages of which 90% is of no use or of any interest to you.  For me, during this period I could only had a valid and mere necessitated communication when needed. No unwanted communication happened. Those who wanted to communicate with me, either called me up, sent SMS or at times emailed me. So communication did happen  but only when necessitated.
    3. My feeling is that on an average, WhatsApp activity consumes no less than 60% of your overall free time and not just that at times it even eats into your valuable work time as well. So this WhatsApp Sanyas freed up this much of time for me and I could get few pending activities completed during this time. I could also spend some quality time with my family and children.
    4. WhatsApp hijacks your emotions for good and/or bad reason. Say for instance, you are tensed or under pressure, suddenly you receive a WhatsApp message that makes you laugh and helps you relax. On the contrary, there could be a situation when you are in happy mood and suddenly someone shared some tragic incidence or news which you or the sender of that message or both of you are not even distantly related. Now this message may spoil your mood. So you may not have your emotions the way they should  be.

Reading above points you might think and now ask me, then why am I not extending it forever. Even I thought likewise as I used to call this as Sanyas or Retirement from WhatsApp. But as few days passed by, I started getting few of my WhatApp contacts calling me and inquiring me if everything is fine with me. This made me to realize that there are these strong bonds developed over the period with all of these friends and well wishers. And obviously, here WhatsApp had played a major part in developing those bonds and connectons.

So this made me to reconsider my decision of Sanyas. Eventually I decided to change my decision and end the WhatsApp Sanyas and instead term this absenteeism as WhatsApp Holiday or Vacation. Just like the vacation or holidays where we get out of our daily routine schedule and try to relax body and soul, WhatsApp Holidays can also be considered as a great source of relaxing our soul and recharging our thought process. Ideally it should be planned for minimum of 2 weeks and no bigger than 4 weeks.

So friends what are you waiting for. Go plan and enjoy a great WhatsApp Holiday.

Wishing you Happy Holidaying.

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