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Shani Transit 2017 To 2020 – Shani Peyarchi for 12 Moon Signs in 2017 to 2020

Shani Transit 2017 to 2020 in 12 Moon Signs

Shani Transit 2017 to 2020Shani Transit 2017 to 2020 started from 26th January 2017. Saturn has entered Sagittarius sign (Dhanu rashi) on 26th January. Saturn stays in a sign for two and half years before it moves into the next sign. This way in a normal lifetime of a person, Saturn Transit (Shani Gochar)  occurs twice on an average. Saturn will transit next into Capricorn sign (Makar Rashi) on 25th January 2020. Saturn like any other planet also turns retrograde during the transit. During this transit as well it is turning retrograde twice.

However it rarely happens that it enters back into the earlier sign and after some time reenters into the sign of transit. Saturn entered back into Scorpio sign (Vrishchik rashi) on 21st June 2017 and hereafter it will reenter the Sagittarius, its sign of transit on 27th October 2017. Saturn will remain in Sagittarius sign till 24th January 2020. In between it will turn retrograde again between 19th April 2018 to 6th September 2018. Thereafter it will become straight during the remaining transit period.

Below is the high level analysis of the impact of Saturn Transit 2017 to 2020 on 12 moon signs:

Shani Transit 2017 to 2020 for Aries (मेष चंद्र राशी )

Overall this transit will augur good for the Aries moon sign people. Saturn will be in 9th house of luck. They will find slow but steady growth in their career and income. They will be able to overcome difficulties and defeat the enemies. Stability can be expected thereafter.

Taurus (वृषभ चंद्र राशी )

This transit will get Saturn in their 8th house for Taurus people. This transit might prove to be full of hurdles and turbulence. During this transit, health of the family members especially the father will deteriorate. So they need to take proper care of the family members’ health.  Due to the various hurdles they might experience drop in their achievement.

Gemini (मिथुन चंद्र राशी )

This transit will have Saturn moving into the seventh house for Gemini people. On one hand Gemini people will good success on the work front but on the hand, they need to be little more cautious on the marital front. On the whole this transit will prove to be beneficial to the Gemini people. These 2-3 years could prove to be milestone years for Gemini people. There is a chance of relocation to a new place or house during this transit. This change of atmosphere and environment is considered to be extremely good for them.

Cancer (कर्क चंद्र राशी )

This transit will have Saturn in the 6th house for Cancer people. This does not augur well for Cancer people. They might have lot of issues in their family life. They could have constant arguments with their partners which might escalate into bigger problems if not handled with much care. There are chances of having some legal disputes which however be in their favor. Good part is overseas travel or extended vacation is on card for Cancer people during this transit.

Leo (सिंह चंद्र राशी )

This transit will have Saturn in 5th house for Leo sign people. Good time for Leo sign people on the love front. Probable chances of getting into the love marriage for Leo sign people. There could be few hurdles which however be manageable. Leo people will have steady income flow. However they will still face financial crunch. So they are advised to keep their expenses under control. Good amount of loan might be repaid by them during this period.

Virgo (कन्या चंद्र राशी )

During this transit, Saturn moves into the 4th house for Virgo people. This 4th house transit indicates the change of current residence and moving into a new place. During this transit they might be losing their temper every now and then and this might get them into some problem. To maintain the composer and mental peace, they are advised to take proper 8 hour sleep. However, they need to be working harder to reap benefits.

Libra (तुला चंद्र राशी )

For Libra people, during this transit, Saturn will move into their 3rd house. This period will be full of energy. Libra people will be striving for higher success in life. They will have increase in both income and expenditure. But expenses will be more as compared to the income and hence it will be difficult to control them. This could be the time for experimenting with new things.

Scorpio (वृश्चिक चंद्र राशी )

For Scorpio people, Saturn moves into their second house. This might cause some difficulty in their family life. They are advised to avoid arguments and tiffs which might prove detrimental to the relations. This transit will be the last phase of their Shani Sadesati. They will have more income due to their hard work. They need to follow a healthy diet.

Sagittarius (धनु चंद्र राशी )

Saturn is moving into Sagittarius sign during this transit. This transit will be extremely difficult for Sagittarius people. They will have lot of mental stress and anxiety on account of uncertainties around them. They are advised not to ignore even a minor health issue as the same might escalate into bigger health issue. On the work front, they will have tough time. They need to maintain a good work life balance.

Capricorn (मकर चंद्र राशी)

Saturn moves into the 12th house for Capricorn sign people during this transit. This transit indicates there could be some losses on account of this. They will be spend thrift during this period. Foreign travel is on the cards. Health issues might crop during this period and hence they need to be cautious with the health and follow a proper healthy diet plan. Legal issues are also foresighted. Expenditure will be sky rocketed as against the income.

Aquarius (कुंभ चंद्र राशी )

Saturn moves into the 11th house from Aquarius moon sign during this transit. This transit is extremely good for Aquarius people. Gradual consistent rise in income is expected. There will be abundance of opportunities on the work front. This could be their best career phase. This will transit will take you to the top position making justice to your skills. They are advised to maintain good diet and work life balance to enjoy the success achieved during this transit.

Shani Transit 2017 to 2020 for Pisces (मीन चंद्र राशी)

Saturn moves into the 10th house for Pisces moon sign. They need to be more careful with their expenditure. Expenses will be more as compared to the income. Due to increased work demand, they will find it difficult to give sufficient time to their partner. This might further result into arguments and tiffs with their partner. So they need to be extra cautious on this front.

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Sani Peyarchi 2017 – 2020 – Shani Gochar in Moon Signs for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

Analysis of Sani Peyarchi 2017 – 2020 on 12 Moon Signs is given below:

Sani Peyarchi 2017 to 2020लोकांमध्ये शनी महाराजां बद्दल काही भ्रामक कल्पना आहेत कि ते खूप कडक आहेत,दंडप्रिय आहेत वगैरे वगैरे. वास्तविक पाहता शनी महाराज हे शिस्तप्रिय आणि न्यायप्रिय आहेत. जर तुम्ही न्यायाने आणि धर्माने जर योग्य वागलात तर शनी महाराज आपल्यावर खूप खुश होऊन आपल्याला भरभरून आशीर्वाद सुद्धा देतात. शनी महादशेत कित्येक लोकांची कधी नव्हे इतकी भरभराट झाल्याची अनेक उदाहरणे आहेत. ते नीट पारख करून खात्री पटल्यानंतर योग्य व्यक्तीस भरभरून देतात. तेव्हा अश्या न्यायप्रिय, शिस्तप्रिय पण दयाळू शनी महाराजांच्या म्हणजेच शनी ग्रहाच्या १२ चंद्र राशींतील गोचरचा अभ्यास करणे खूप गरजेचे आहे आणि म्हणून आपण ह्या लेखात अगदी तसाच प्रयत्न करत आहोत.

शनी ग्रह एका राशीमध्ये साधारण पणे अडीच वर्षे राहतो.क्वचितच शनी एखाद्या गोचर मध्ये अगोदरच्या राशीत प्रवेश करतो. उदारहर्णार्थ २०१७ ह्या वर्षी शनी ग्रहाने २६ जानेवारी रोजी धनु राशीत प्रवेश केला, परंतु २१ जून रोजी त्याने वृश्चिक राशीत पुनर्प्रवेश केला. २७ ऑक्टोबर रोजी शनी ग्रह पुनश्च धनु राशी मध्ये प्रवेश करत आहे. तिथून पुढे तो धनु राशीत २४ जानेवारी २०२० पर्यंत राहणार आहे. २०१८ मध्ये शनी ग्रह १९ एप्रिल २०१८ ते ६ सप्टेंबर २०१८ हया काळात वक्री होत आहे. ६ सप्टेंबर २०१८ पासून तो पुन्हा सरळ मार्गी होणार आहे. पुढे २५ जानेवारी २०२० रोजी तो मकर ह्या त्याच्या स्वराशीत प्रवेश करणार आहे.

शनी ग्रहाचे हे धनु राशीतील गोचर तुला राशीच्या लोकांना शनी साडेसातीतून बाहेर काढत आहे. वृश्चिक राशीच्या लोकांसाठी सडे सातीचे शेवटचे चरण असणार आहे. त्याच बरोबर धनु राशीच्या लोकांसाठी हा कडक सडे साती ठरणार आहे.

शनी साडेसाती पासून स्वतःचे रक्षण करण्यासाठी आणि शनी महाराजांची अनुकृपा प्राप्त करण्यासाठी खालील काही सोपे उपाय खूप फायदेमंद ठरू शकतात:

  • खोटे बोलू नये
  • कोणालाही फसवू अथवा दुखावू नये
  • दररोज मारुती रायाचे दर्शन घ्यावे.शक्यतो हनुमान चाळीस अथवा मारुती स्तोत्राचे नियमित पठाण करावे
  • न चुकता शनिवारी शनी मंदिरात जाऊन शनी महाराजांचे दर्शन घ्यावे
  • काळ्या रंगाचे समाजोपयोगी वस्तूचे दान करावे. जसे लोखंडाच्या वस्तू किंवा काळे घोंगडे
  • एखाद्या गरजू व्यक्ती अथवा मंदिरातील पुजाऱ्यास अक्खी उरद डाळीचे दान द्यावे
  • थोरामोठ्यांचा आदर करून त्यांचे आशीर्वाद घावेत


हा लेख जर तुम्हाला आवडला असल्यास अथवा जर तुम्हाला आणखी शनी गोचर संबंधी माहिती वाचवायची असेल तर नक्की वाचा Saturn Transit 2017 – चंद्र राशींचे शनी गोचर २०१७ भाकीत.

शनी महाराजांची तुम्हा सर्वांवर सदैव कृपा राहावी अशी ईश्वर चरणी BigThoughts.co च्या वतीने प्रार्थना.

Saturn Transit 2017 to 2020 for Moon Signs – 12 चंद्र राशियों की शनी गोचर भविष्यवाणी

Shani Maharaj is like a teacher who teaches and encourages us to act and do good things in life. Shani Maharaj also punishes us if we act in wrongful manner. So it is always very interesting to keep an eye on Shani Gochar or Saturn Transit 2017 throughout the year and see how that is going to impact individual moon signs or rashis.

Saturn Transit 2017
ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नमः

Year 2017 is very interesting year from Shani Gochar’s perspective and there are couple of back and forth movements of Shani during the year. While the year begins with having Shani in Scorpio till 26th January 2017, thereafter it will enter into Sagittarius and stay there for 6 months or so. Interestingly it will become retrograde on 6th April 2017 and continue retrograde till 25th August 2017. On 21st June 2017, it will enter back into Scorpio for 4 odd months. It will reenter into Sagittarius again on 26th October 2017. It will stay there till 8th January 2018. All these movements make the Shani Gochar very interesting and eventful. So it becomes very important to analyse the impact of this transit on each of the 12 moon signs. To increase the positive effects and reduce the malefic effects of Shani Gochar, please read our Sade Sati Remedies or ways of Shani worshiping article.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Aries (मेष चंद्र राशी )
During this transit, the Saturn happens to be in 9th house from Aries moon sign. This predicts that Aries people will have their career off to a slow start. They may have to face difficulties and  undergo lots of tensions at work, which might results into distress to them. They will have to be very vigil in their approach to keep it under their control. Chances are that till June 2017 their career will rise with slow pace. As per the planetary positions, during June to October 2017, there will be some troubles related to income and career, as the planet enters back into Scorpio i.e. the 8th house from Aries moon sign. Shani Maharaj will be testing patience of Aries people during the year for sure. It’s very important to keep check on the temper. From October end onwards when Shani moves back into Sagittarius which will be 9th house from Aries moon sign, you will start to see recovery in the position. Enemies can be defeated and stability can be earned back thereafter. So keep your fingers crossed towards the last quarter of the year.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Taurus (वृषभ चंद्र राशी )
In this year 2017, the Saturn will be in 8th house from Taurus moon sign. This might indicate health issues to the father. So please pay attention and take care of your family and their health. Please be careful about your words. Do not be harsh while talking. There could be instances of relationships turning sour during this period. Some sudden ups and downs in fortune are predicted for few. You will have to put in more efforts to achieve the desired results. Please work hard to manage your relations. It includes all kind of relations right from your family, friends, and to that effect even your own children as well.  June 2017 to October 2017 will be extremely good for your career, since Saturn will move back to the 7th house from Taurus moon sign. Taurus people will have numerous growth and outsourcing opportunities. During the last quarter, again there will drop in achievement as there would be certain hurdles due to movement of Shani back into 8th house from your moon sign.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Gemini (मिथुन चंद्र राशी )
During this transit, the planet Saturn will be in 7th house from Gemini moon sign, hence this year would be giving mixed results for Gemini people. On one hand Gemini people will achieve success and fame with their constant efforts on the work front. On the other hand however they will have to pay attention to probable trouble on marital front. During June 2017 to October 2017, when Saturn will move back to the 6th house from Gemini moon sign, it will be very auspicious time for Gemini people to get legal disputes, if any in your favour. Overall the transit in  year 2017 augurs well for Gemini and brings good news from all aspects of life. Gemini can consider this as one of the milestone years in their life as far success goes. There might be relocation to a new place during the year. Change of Atmosphere and environment is also predicted for few Gemini people.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Cancer (कर्क चंद्र राशी )
This year 2017, the first transit will have Saturn in the 6th house from Cancer moon sign. This predicts there could be some issues within the family. There could be arguments between you and your partner. Please take care of the situation and do not allow it to escalate into some big problem. During the period June 2017 to October 2017, planet Saturn will move into 5th house from Cancer moon sign. This may again cause some tiffs in relationships especially with the children. There could be chances of your child to develop health ailments. There could be obstacle and hurdles in the education. Towards the October 2017 end, Saturn will reenter into 6th house from Cancer moon sign. During this period, please pay attention to your family. Understand their concerns first and then give your decision. Though there could be some legal dispute during the transit, but not to worry they will be in your favour. Please take care of your health during the year. Well this could be an year to plan overseas travel or an extended vacation for relaxation.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Leo (सिंह चंद्र राशी )
The first transit this year will get Saturn in the 5th house from Leo moon sign. It is an year of Love marriage for those seeking it, but please be cautious as there could be some manageable hurdles on the way. Those who are already married will enjoy marital bliss throughout the year. Love will keep on blossoming with every passing day. Excellent year as far as career goes. Your income will increase and you will be more famous due to your work achievements. Well few of you might even think of changing the job or workplace. During June 2017 to October 2017, Saturn moving back into the 4th house from Leo moon sign may cause health issues cropping up, further causing stress. During the last quarter, Saturn will again move back into 5th house from Leo. Please keep in mind that even though there is steady income, yet you may face financial crunch. So please keep control on the expenditure and do not let it go out of control. Financial Management needs to be efficiently exercised during the year. Well good amount of loan will be repaid, so cheer up.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Virgo (कन्या चंद्र राशी )
This year 2017, planet Saturn will be in 4th house from Virgo moon sign. This indicates probable change in the current residence and relocation to a new place altogether. Chances are that you may lose your temple on someone and lose your composer. So it is advisable to keep the mental peace intact and not indulge in anything and everything that may harm the inner peace. During June 2017 to October 2017, Saturn will move into the 3rd house from Virgo. This indicates suffering to the mother’s health. There could be Property related disputes. Due to work load, your health might deteriorate. So it is suggested to have proper rest and get minimum 8 hours of sleep everyday. In the last quarter, Saturn will again move back to the 4th house from Virgo sign. Your career will slowly improve. Just that you will have to work harder than usual to reap results.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Libra (तुला चंद्र राशी )
When Saturn enters into Sagittarius, it will be in the 3rd house from the Libra moon sign. This will enhance your energy and you will be more determined to achieve greater success in life.  However there could be suffering to your younger siblings. This transit may even bring in some sort of mental disturbance to you. Some of you could go on a short or long distance tour this period. During June 2017 to October 2017, Saturn will be in 2nd house from Libra sign, which may cause family issues. However property related gains are expected during this transit period. During the last quarter, Saturn will reenter back into Sagittarius which will be the 3rd house from Libra. You may have increased daily expenses which may be a cause of worry. You may be trying to put control on the expenditure, however with very little success. While you have more income, but uncontrollable increase in regular expenses will be tough to manage for you and hence calls for effective financial management. So please pay attention to aligning the expenditure in tune with the income, so that savings can be done. It is the good time for the students thinking of higher studies. This could be the year to try out many things to get best out of your brilliance.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Scorpio (वृश्चिक चंद्र राशी )
First Shani Gochar this year will have Saturn moving  in the 2nd house from Scorpio moon sign. This may cause some disturbance in family life. Please have strict discipline in the way you interact with the people. Avoid arguments and tiffs which might spoil your relations. Few of you may have to stay away from the family. Well on work & career front, it will augur well. Your hard work will pay off. Your work will be acknowledged and this will further increase your income as well. This period will act as great catalyst as far your career goes. There will be number of opportunities knocking your door and be rest assured your will grab most of them to achieve greater success in life. During June 2017 to October 2017, Saturn will move back in your sign, which will cause some mental stress,  health issues. So it is suggested that during this period please take proper care of yourself and as well as your near and dear ones. It is proposed that you go for a balanced and healthy diet during this period. Have more of vegetables and fruits. Get into more exercise mode to stay in good shape. During the last quarter, again Saturn will reenters into the 2nd house from Scorpio sign. So again with your hard work, you will earn handsomely.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Sagittarius (धनु चंद्र राशी )
During 26th January 2017 to 20th June 2017, Saturn will move in Sagittarius moon sign. This transit will be extremely adverse. This transit will be very difficult for Sagittarius people, as it would give raise to the mental stress and lots of anxiety arise because of uncertainties. Please be very careful regarding your health. Even the minor health issue may get into the bigger health issue during this period. We advise that even a small fever should be dealt with utmost care. However this Shani Gochar augurs well for your siblings. They will enjoy prosperity during this period. You will be proud of their achievements. During June 2017 to October 2017, Saturn will again moves back in the 12th house from Sagittarius. This would cause reduction in marital happiness. Relation with the partner will deteriorate. So please avoid arguments and tiffs with the partner. Keep tab on your toungue and emotions. You should value your partner’s feelings and give respect to the partner. During the last quarter of 2017, Saturn will reenter into your sign. This will again give rise to the work related stress. We advise you to keep your focus intact to achieve intended success. Try not to be workaholic which might disturb mental peace.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Capricorn (मकर चंद्र राशी)
Shani Gochar in Sagittarius means having Saturn in the 12th house from Capricorn moon sign. This suggest that there could be some losses. You will spend thrifty during the year. You will be inclined towards spending lavishly which will take your balance sheet out of control. Foreign travel is on the cards. Health might be an area of concern this year. During June 2017 to October 2017, Saturn will move back into the 11th house from Capricorn. This will open opportunities to earn more. Some long awaited wish might get fulfilled during this period. It will be period to earn name and fame along with increased income. During the last quarter of the year, Saturn will reenter into the 12th house from your sign. During this time, you may be exposed to the seasonal diseases. Throughout the year, please be careful with your health and maintain a good healthy diet. Your expenditure will be sky rocketed which will not be in sync with your income. This would be an area of concern for you throughout the year. There could be hurdles in the legal front. We suggest to make best use of the transit period between June 2017 to October 2017 to balance the overall transit impact.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Aquarius (कुंभ चंद्र राशी )
During the first transit, planet Saturn will be moving into the 11th house from Aquarius moon sign. During this transit, a gradual consistent rise in income is anticipated. There could be enormous opportunities on the work front. This could be best phase of your life as far as the career goes. This could be an year of “Dreams come True”. Tremendous earnings is on the card. During June 2017 to October 2017, when Saturn will move back in Scorpio which will be the 10th house from Aquarius sign, this would make you more workaholic. Although the earnings will be heightened, please keep tabs on the spending. This could be the best time where you could make best use of your skills.  Again from 26th October 2017, the planet Saturn will transit back in Sagittarius which will be the 11th house from your sign. This will prove to be best and important period for you, as you will be reaping all the benefits and good results in tune with your skills. Please be cautious with you elder sibling’s health. Off course you will be in top position during all this period. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet will keep you in best of the health condition as well. Your older health issues, if any will get resolved and you will be enjoying the best health during this time. With the hectic schedule and increased activities, you may get into some mental stress and hence practicing meditation and yoga will help relax mind and body.

Saturn Transit 2017 – Pisces (मीन चंद्र राशी)
During 26th January to 20th June 2017, planet Saturn will move in the 10th house from Pisces moon sign. This will make you spend more. Expenses would be on higher side as compared to the income during this time. It is suggested that please be thoughtful while incurring the expenditure. Please take care of your mother’s health. During 21st June to 25th October 2017, Saturn will move back into the 9th house from Pisces sign. During this period you may change your workplace. Please stay calm and consistent with your efforts. You will definitely get the success. Foreign tour is on the card for few of the Pisces people. In last quarter of 2017, Saturn will be moving back to the 10th house. Due to work demand, you may not be able to give sufficient time and attention to your partner which may be the cause of arguments and tiffs between two of you. So please be considerate on this front and spare some good quality time with your partner.

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