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Mars Transit Gemini – Impact Analysis of Mars Transit in Gemini for 12 Moon Signs

Mars Transit GeminiMars planet is a symbol of energy, action, and desire and hence its transit is always very important and crucial to see the impact Mars Transit Gemini on 12 moon signs.


Impact analysis of Mars Transit Gemini for 12 moon signs is given below:


Mars is transiting in the third house for Aries native. Mars transit Gemini would bring about an upswing in your courage and determination. During the transit, you would easily take up the challenges and you would fulfill your undertakings with full spirit and enthusiasm. You would supersede your opponents and you would have them in the palm of your hand. Any legal case might result into your favor and some issues may occur with siblings, especially with the brothers. During this transit, short distance journeys are probable. Moreover, parents might face some health issues. However, you would do pretty well at your workplace and the inflow of income would be an average one.


For the Taurus sign, Mars transit Gemini would be in the second house. During the transit, accumulation of wealth is probable. Mind your words before speaking, as there could be a harshness in your speech and it might create some big issues. Some issues related to the children can be anticipated. There could be health issues to the life partner, but you might procure some gains through your spouse. Sudden surge in the inflow of income is predicted. Married people might face some issues with the in-laws. If you are into any partnership business, then this time is favorable for you to reap gains through your partner.


For Gemini sign, the Mars transit Gemini would be in their first house, and hence its effect would be more difficult. With the onset of this transit, there would be an increase in your aggression and stubbornness. During this time, you need to drive carefully. The transit is expected to bring some bitterness in the married life, so please avoid arguments with the partner. Health of the mother could decline. However, earnings would be , and some gains are likely. You might also gain through some disputes, but mental distress would be prevalent.


Mars will be transiting in the 12th house. During this time, some health issues may happen. Good time for planning for study abroad. Expenses are expected to be sky rocketed. You would gain an upper hand over your opponents. Moreover, health of your spouse might decline. Moreover, your spouse may gain aggression and might try to dominate you. Also, you might face some blood related irregularities during the period.


For Leo, Mars is transiting in the 11th house. This transit would prove to be a positive time for your growth. An upsurge in your gains is probable. During this time, you would be able to fulfill your wishes and you would exceed your opponents. You would be successful in your undertakings. You may face issues in your love life, so be careful and do not get into unnecessary arguments with your partner. Long distance journeys during the transit would be beneficial. Broadly this would be a progressive period for this native.


Determining the impact of this transit in Virgo, it can be said that Mars would be transiting into 10th house. This transit would mark a rise in your career. The native will experience a surge in powers and authorities. However, please be careful of getting indulged in any conspiracy. Please control your aggression. Health issues to the mother can be foreseen. During this transit, you might lack in domestic harmony. Hence, your domestic life would yearn for your time. You may be busy with your work and hence would not be able to give enough time to the domestic front and hence chances are some tiffs on domestic front. Please take care of your children’s health. Spouse is expected to get some benefits from in-laws.


Analyzing the importance of this transit in Libra, it can be inferred that Mars is transiting in your 9th house. During this transit, there might be an increase in the inflow of your income. Long journeys are probable. Moreover, there might be some issues with your father. However, you would gain respect in the society, and accordingly your name & fame would increase. In this transit period, your spouse would be supportive and gains from the latter is presaged. Your expenses might increase a bit and you might feel exuberant & determined. Also, your siblings might suffer and health of your mother might decline. You need to maintain a cordial relationship with your partner.


Mars will be transiting in the 8th house. During this transit, your health might decline and probability of blood related diseases is expected. There might be some unexpected gains. However please abstain yourself from illegal work as you might indulge into it. During this time, you would not be able to enjoy your meals. Please avoid arguments with your wife to maintain balance in your marital life. Good time to repay loans or debts. Please be cautious while driving.


This transit in Aries will mean Mars will be transiting in the 7th house for Sagittarius. During this transit , native and his/her wife both will be aggressive and this would result in disputes in the marital life. On the professional front, you will give good performance and due to this promotion can be possible. Mental stress would increase in this time period. You might plan to get settled in abroad or you might visit there. Income will be enhanced and hence enjoy a good financial position.


Mars will be transiting in the 6th house for the Capricorn people. Good time to get success in litigation or in any legal action. You would be aggressive during this period. Expenses are expected to increase. You will be putting in best of the efforts on your work front. Health of your spouse may be affected. Please be careful while driving. This transit would bring in a progress in the career.


For Aquarius native, the Mars will be in the 5th house. During this transit, you will experience the problems in your love affairs. Job change can be on priority. Income and expenses are expected to increase. Health is expected to decline during this period. Children’s health issues might occur. Please take care of your children.


For Pisces people, Mars will be transiting in their 4th house. During this transit, health of mother will be affected and so, please take proper care of your mother. There would be a less satisfaction in the domestic life. There could be issues in marital life. Your life partner is expected to gain authority or position at the workplace. You will also perform well at the workplace and this would prove to be beneficial to you. Vehicle and/or property purchase is on the card.

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Mars Transit in Aries 2017 – Know whats in store during this transit.

Mars Transit In Aries on 2nd March 2017

Since Mars planet signifies the confidence, courage, energy, anger and egoistic nature. So it is very important to know the Mars transit in different astrological signs. This time around Mars is entering Aries on 2nd March 2017, which is its own sign.

So here comes the Effects of Mars Transit in Aries on 12 moon signs.

Mars Transit 2017

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Aries

With this mars transit, the Mars will move into the first house ie. Aries, whose lord is Mars itself. It also the lord of the 8th house from your the moon sign Aries. The transit of Mars in aries sign would bring in unforeseen changes for aries people. They might notice improvement in their health conditions during this period. There would be a tremendous increase in their energy levels and determination towards work. They might even feel a little too aggressive during this transit. Financial and professional benefits through their life or business partner might lift your spirits in this duration. Though minor health issues to your mother might keep you worried, you would take notice of major improvements in your love life. Your equation with your love interest would change for the better. Also, you are foreseen to perform exceptionally well at work. Achieving your goals might just seem like plain sailing to you in this duration. Try to make the most of this period.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Taurus

The planet Mars is the Lord of your twelfth and seventh house and can get into your twelfth house whereas transiting within the sign Aries. This movement of the earth Mars would possibly increase your expenses, considerably. you may go abroad for work or leisure throughout this era. Success in legal proceeding is additionally foretold during this length. This would possibly influence be a favourable amount for those longing for foreign settlements. beware of your health throughout this era as your health would possibly decline. you’re foreseen to own Associate in Nursing superiority over your opponents throughout this era. variations between you and your siblings would possibly manifest itself throughout this era. Also, use caution in skilled partnerships. Your maternal relatives would possibly face health problems during this length. Your siblings may need to figure more durable to attain their goals throughout this era. however their diligence would get paid adequately.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Gemini

The planet Mars is that the Lord of your eleventh and sixth house and it’ll get into your eleventh house whereas creating a get into the sign Aries. This planetary movement would provides a tremendous boost to your financial gain. The efforts that you simply have created within the past would lead you towards skilled success throughout this era. If there ar any legal disputes or cases that have unbroken you troubled for a protracted time would possibly are available in your favour during this length. tho’ your personal life would possibly suffer throughout this transit as variations in your romance would possibly manifest itself. Your kids may also suffer throughout this era as they’re foreseen to encounter issues in their academe and health. You would get to know new people in this duration and your new acquaintances would lead to an improved social circle. You might enjoy catching up with old friends during this period. Be cautious towards your health in this duration.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Cancer

The planet Mars is the Lord of your 10th and 5th house and will move into your 10th house while transiting into the sign Aries. This planetary movement might give you an authoritative position at work or you might get a promotion during this period. Keep an eye out for controversies and scams too. You might feel a little too aggressive during this period, try to keep a tab on that. Work pressure might take a toll on you and keep you utterly engrossed. Make it a point to spend some quality time with family members to avoid disruptions and tensions in familial relationships. Your knowledge might come handy in this duration and might lead to professional and personal gains. An occasional splurge wouldn’t harm you but avoid overindulging. Your children would work hard to achieve their academic goals during this period. You would feel quite upbeat and peppy during this while. You wouldn’t hesitate in taking initiatives for what you feel is right. Support from colleagues and seniors at work is indicated while this transit lasts. A colleague might seem endearing to you during this period. Folks having associations in the defence or involved in management would be able to make the most of this period.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Leo

The planet Mars is the lord of your 9th and 4th house and it will move to your 9th house while making a transit in the sign Aries. This planetary position might bring a rise in your economic status. Professional success for your father is on the cards. He would completely supportive of you. Long journeys are a probability during this period. You might consider investing in a good property in this duration. Your younger siblings might find this transit period to be a little challenging for them. This period would urge them to work harder and give their utmost best to achieve what they desire. Your expenses are predicted to swell and so is your income. You would find yourself to be highly determined during this period and would bring all your tasks to a closure with utmost diligence. Your elders would be in your favour in this duration. You might discover the love for your country and countrymen during this period. The sense of belongingness to your country might be heightened. Meeting eminent people every now and then would give you opportunities to learn and evolve tremendously during this transit period. Your social status would also improve considerably.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Virgo

The planet of energy and action, Mars, is the lord of your 8th and 3rd house and will move to your 8th house while making a transit in the sign Aries. This transit might be afflictive for you as chances of you encountering a blood-related disease are high during this period. Be cautious on the road. Sudden highs and lows on the career front might keep you worried during this period. Unexpected gains are also on the cards. Unplanned travel is probable and might prove to be rewarding for you. It might seem that your hard work is not being adequately repaid as achieving your goals would become a little difficult during this period. Your professional associations and sources would prove to be beneficial for you. Your siblings might be able to reap benefits during this period. Though they would have to work their way through to achieve what they desire. Pay heed to your health and try to inculcate clean eating habits. Watch out what you feed to yourself. Your relationship with your in-laws would get better in this duration.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Libra

Mars, the God of war, is the lord of your 7th and 2nd house and would be moving into your 7th house as it makes a transit in the sign Aries. This transit period might prove to be extremely beneficial for those who are in professional partnerships. Working professionals can expect a promotion or an increment during this period. Your social status would improve. Your spouse might get a little cranky and aggressive during this period. They might behave dominatingly in this duration which might lead to ego clashes as well. Try to handle complicated and delicate situations with much care and maturity. Your partner would experience the pink of their health during this transit period. Though you might feel easily irritable and moody during this while.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Scorpio

The planet Mars is the lord of your ascendant and 6th house and will move to your 6th house while transiting in the sign Aries. This planetary position would give exemplary success to students, particularly those showing in competitive examinations. Litigations would be in your favour throughout this era. you’d have a position over your competitors, throughout. The road to success, skilled or personal, would possibly demand some diligence however all the labor would be paid well within the close to future. take care on the road and drive with utmost care throughout this era. Excessive expenditure is indicated for you during this length. try and balance out your expenses. Unplanned journeys would possibly keep you upbeat and energetic. Abstain from gratification in petty and immaterial arguments. beware of your health. Those is association with sports or promoting may well be ready to reap large edges throughout this era. This transit amount would urge them to concentrate to their overall development.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Sagittarius

The ruler planet of Aries, Mars, is that the lord of your fifth and twelfth house and would be stepping into your fifth house whereas creating a move within the sign Aries. This movement of the earth would possibly bring-in rigidity and stubbornness in your angle and conduct. you may behave ferociously in relations that has got to be handled with gentleness and care. try and keep a watch on your behavior throughout this era. Your kids would possibly get cranky and naughty during this length. they could expertise fulminant and forceful mood swings. Handle them patiently and love. fulminant gains also are indicated for you during this length. Students happiness to the current sign ar expected to try to to well throughout this era however the would got to work on their concentration and focus. Those aiming to pursue higher studies in foreign lands should build an endeavor throughout this transit amount. try and keep a tab on your expenses as they’re expected to rise during this length.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Capricorn

The planet Mars is that the lord of your fourth and eleventh house and can move to your fourth house whereas creating a transit within the sign Aries. This planetary movement would possibly bring-in large edges from property for those happiness to the sign Capricorn. people who want to shop for a replacement vehicle should build a move throughout this era. This transit amount would influence be useful for your married person as they could expertise success on the skilled front. Your relationship along with your married person would possibly get slightly bitter. try and avoid misconceptions and clashes the maximum amount as you’ll and maintain a peaceful and harmonious air. you may contemplate constructing or shopping for a replacement house during this length. Your elders and siblings would be the bearers of gains and excellent news for you throughout this era. Success at work is additionally indicated for you whereas this transit lasts.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Aquarius

The planet of want and spontaneousness, Mars, is that the lord of your third and tenth house and would enter your third house whereas creating a move within the sign Aries. This planetary movement would soak you in courage and high energy. you’d be jam-packed with life and extremely active throughout this transit. Short trips also are on the cards. Your younger siblings would be able to make the most of this period. Your sincere efforts and the will to achieve it all would bear fruit in the near future. Your colleagues and siblings would be supportive of you in this duration. You might consider a job change too. Those aspiring to make it through the competitive examinations might get success in this period. Some might also consider taking a loan during this while.

Mars Transit in Aries Impact on Pisces

The planet Mars is the lord of your 2nd and 9th house and would move in your 2nd house while transiting in the sign Aries. This movement of the planet Mars would give your income an incredible boost. You might consider joining your family business during this period. Your father would be the bearer of good luck and gains for you. The health of your children might need attention during this period as a decline in their health is indicated. Students would have to work harder to achieve their academic goals. You would be respected amongst your family members and they would look up to you for suggestions and recommendations. Your spouse might have minor health issues during this period. Take care of their health and do not overlook even the minutest of the symptoms. Try to set your relationships right with your in-laws in this duration. Unexpected gains to your spouse are indicated while this transit lasts.

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