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Depression: What is Depression? A State of feeling Despondency and Dejection

State of feeling Despondency and Dejection – Depression

Depression is a definite thing in everybody’s life. Every human being on this planet, gets it some point of time in the lifetime. In fact it occurs quite a few times without our knowledge. They are of differing intensities. Low intensity depression occurs every now and then. We do not even realize that we have got this kind of depression. Mild or high intensity depressions are something to be cautious about. Mild Depression lasts for few weeks may be around 8 weeks or so. High intensity depressions are very difficult to manage and might result into longer duration mental disorder.

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These depressions are many a times misinterpreted as some sort of paranormal effects and it eventually delays the actual relevant treatment or even worsen it further. So it is very important that there is no one in the family which points it to be paranormal. Once it is pointed to be paranormal, the other members of the family also easily believe it to be paranormal.

When you visit a doctor, to simplify it and to build confidence in the patient, doctor simply terms it as Chemical Locha. Doctor says there is some lack of chemical supply to the brain due to which it is causing this problem. Accordingly the patient is given few anti depressing tablets by the doctor. For mild depression they say 2 months is what you need to recover from it.

For low intensity depression, you might just need a good relaxing sleep or some timeout. Meditation can help immensely in case of speedy recovery from depression.

As far as family is concerned, it happens to be more painful time to them than to the patient. They are worried and concerned. If its a small family with just the couple and their children, then it becomes all the more horrifying experience for the non-depressed partner. This actually tests the character of the partner. If the partner is mentally strong, then he manages the situation well. However we must be sympathetic towards the partner as this might be terrible time to take care of his/her life partner and also ensure the children are handled properly. This phase could prove to be devastating.

So if you feel like being depressed, give time to yourself. Pamper yourself with good sleep, meditation, good time out etc.

From positive perspective, it gives you an opportunity to get your thought process reset and get others to give value to your thoughts and start giving more attention to you. So not that every thing is bad, there can be certain good outcomes as well.

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