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Dussehra – Good Win with Evil Dead celebrated as Vijayadashami

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadasami  or Ayudhapuja. It is an highly auspicious Hindu festival celebrated across India and Nepal. Dussehra is derived from Dasa-Hara meaning Ravan’s defeat.


The Hindu culture has a eco friendly tradition. Like all other Hindu festivals, this festivity is also very eco friendly.

Trees like Pipal, Banyan, Neem have long been worshipped here.

The Shami tree whose leaves are distributed as Gold in Dussehra is a deciduous tree that sheds it’s leaves in Autumn.

You would have noticed that the leaves one receives as Gold are big and almost dry and not tender new born leaves.

As the tree sheds the leaves in Autumn/Winter in order to prevent the destruction of tree for fire wood its leaves have been given religious significance.

Using  leaves as Gold ensures that people will not cut the tree and ensure its survival.

Hindu Shastra and tradition is based on a deep science whose meaning and intent is a great case of interesting study.

So celebrate this Dussehra with great joy and happiness.