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Sandhigata Vata (Osteoarthritis)

Sandhigata Vata (संधिवात) is also known as Osteoarthritis.
Osteoarthritis mainly occurs due to degenerative changes such as menopause, deficiency disorders etc. Sandigata vaat is a depletion of bone tissue called asthikshaya. It mostly occurs due to deficiency of nutrients or increase in Vata Dosha. It mainly occurs in the patients with a problem of Osteopenia which results in low bone density. These patients are very prone to bone fracture during injuries,traumas etc.

Also when there is pathology in large intestine such as gases,constipation the pathology is transferred to bones which become porous because the site of Vata Dosha is large intestine. Also when the Agni is low the nutrients are not supplied in sufficient quantity to Asthi Dhatu.

Osteoarthritis – संधिवात

1. Weakening of bones which is prone to fracture,
2. Pain and weakness in the bones

1. To strengthen the Asthi Dhatu Prithvi (Earth) elements are needed
2. Earth elements can be found in foods like grains, milk, meats, nuts, root vegetables etc.
3. For Women, a regular menstrual cycle is important for maintaining the bone strength
4. Manage lack of sleep, addictive patterns etc. with proper yoga and meditation.
5. Have food and medicine providing Vitamine C, Vitamine D, Calcium