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Lal Kitab does not only mentions the malefic effects of different planets, but also recommends the remedies to overcome those effects. In this article we are mentioning the Rahu effects & remedies as per their planetary positions.

Rahu Effects in 1st House
1st house is affected by Mars and Sun, which will be like a throne. The planet in 1st house is considered to be the king of planets.
The native will reach a position higher than suggested by his qualification and will get good outcomes from government. Rahu in this house would give the effect of Sunlight that is exalted, but it’s going to spoil the fruits of the house by which Sun is set. If Saturn, Mars and Ketu are not strong only then Rahu would give poor effects, otherwise it’ll give results that are great in 1st house. If Rahu is not benefic the native should never take blue/black clothing or any electrical equipments from his in-laws , else his son could be impacted adversely. Its malefic effect too could last till the age of 42 years.
1. Offer 400 gm lead in running water.
2. Wear silver.
4. In running water offer coconut.

Rahu Effects in 2nd House
One gets stature, money and lives like a king if Rahu is in benefic sort in 2nd house. He can have a lengthy life. 2nd house is affected by Jupiter and Venus. If Jupiter is not malefic then the native will reside the early years of his life in wealth and comfort. If Rahu is not benefic the native will not be rich and have a terrible family life, suffer from intestinal illnesses. The native is killed by a weapon and is not able to save money. In the 10th, 21 st to 42nd years of his life, he loses wealth by larceny etc.
1. Keep a sound silver ball in the pocket.
2. Wear matters connected with Jupiter, like gold, yellowish
Saffron etc., fabric
3. Keep cordial relations with ones mom.
4. After marriage usually do not take any gear that is electrical from

Rahu Effects in 3rd House
3rd house belongs to Mercury and is affected by Mars. The native will enjoy great wealth and a lengthy life when Rahu is benefic. He can be a faithful friend and fearless. He would be a clairvoyant for seeing future in his dreams. He’ll never be issueless. Property would be left behind by him. 22nd year of his life would be of progress. However if Rahu is malefic in 3rd house afterward his brothers and relatives would squander his money. His cash would never be returned. He would be an atheist and would have defective speech. If Sun and Mercury are also there (in 3rd house) with Rahu subsequently his sister would become a widow in 22nd or 32nd year of his life.
1. Never keep things or ivory of ivory in the house.

Rahu Effects in 4th House
This house belongs to moon, which is an enemy of Rahu. When Rahu is benefic in this house the native will spend money on things that are good and would be intelligent, well-off. Going on pilgrimage would be valuable for him. If Venus is also benefic then after union the native’s in-laws the native would additionally benefit from them and could also become affluent.
When Moon is exalted the native would take advantage of relatives or the works linked with Mercury and would become really rich. If Rahu is not benefic and the Moon is, in addition, not strong then the native will suffer with poverty and the mom of native would also endure. Gathering char coal, changing toilet, installing oven in the earth and alteration of the roof in the house would be indicative of malefic.
1. Wear silver.
2. Offer 400 gm coriander or almonds, or both in flowing water

Rahu Effects & Remedies
Rahu Effects and Remedies

Rahu Effects in 5th House
If Rahu is benefic native will be rich, wise, experience good health. He would have good improvement and good income. The native would be philosopher or a devout. It leads to abortions if Rahu is not benefic. For twelve years, wife’s health will suffer after the arrival of a son.
1. Keep an elephant made of silver.
2. Abstain from wine, non- vegetarianism and adultery.
3. Remarry your wife.

Rahu in Effects 6th House – Exalted
This house is determined Ketu or by Mercury. Here Rahu is exalted and gives very good results. The native will be free of troubles or all botherations. The native will be intelligent and successful. When Rahu is not benefic he’ll harm his brothers or friends. The native suffers from various ailments or loss of wealth. While going to work sneezing would give bad consequences.
1. Keep a dog that is black.
2. Keep a nail that is lead .
3. Never damage ones brothers/sisters.
Rahu Effects in 7th House
Native will not be poor, but wife would endure. He’d be victorious over his enemies. It would be inauspicious, if the marriage occurs before twenty one years. He would have great relationships with the government. But if he participates in business connected like electrical equipments, with Rahu, then he will have losses. Native would have problems with head ache and then son, wife or sister would ruin the native, if Ketu, Venus or Mercury is in 11th home.
1. Never marry before 21st year of age.
2. Offer six coconuts in river.

Rahu Effects in 8th House
8th house is concerned with Mars and Saturn. So effect that is malefic is given by Rahu in this home. Cash would be spent by the native uselessly. Family life would be affected. If Mars is benefic and is placed in 1st or 8th home or Saturn (benefic) is set in 8th house, the native will be very rich.
1. Keep a square piece of silver.
2. Do not work in power or electricity department.

Rahu Effects in 9th House
9th house is influenced by Jupiter. It’s fruitful if the native has great relative with ones brothers and sisters,; else it would adversely change the native. If the native isn’t spiritual minded afterward his progeny would be worthless for him. Professions affected by Saturn would not be unprofitable.
If Jupiter is in 5th or 11th house then it really is useless. Rahu is in 9th and 1st house is not full one gets dissed and mental problems, specially from olders and then health could be adversely impacted.
1. Use Tilak of saffron.
2. Wear gold.
3. Constantly keep a dog (it saves ones progeny).
4. Have good relations with your inlaws.

Rahu Effects in 10th House
Keeping ones head uncovered gives the effect of a debilitated Rahu in 10th house. The poor or great result of Rahu would depend upon Saturn’s position. If Saturn is not unfavorable afterward native would be loaded lived and brave and get respect from all quarters. The native is not unlucky for ones daddy. Then ones mom would adversely affect if Rahu in 10th house is malefic, or native’s health would also not be good. Native’s eyes are impacted if Moon is in 4th house afterward. He suffers from headaches and there is loss of wealth, because of a dark complexioned man .
1. Use blue or black cap.
2. Cover ones head.
3. Offer 4kg. Or 400 gms of ‘khand’ in flowing, or in a temple
4. Feed blind people.

Rahu Effects in 11th House
Both Jupiter and Saturn influences 11th house. Native could not be poor so long as his father is not dead. Native has wicked buddies. He gets money from mean people. After the death of ones dad he should wear gold in the neck. If Mars is malefic for a native with Rahu in 11th at time of his birth, there’s every thing in his house, but every thing gets ruined afterwards. Subsequently the native has bad relations with his dad if Rahu in 11th house is malefic or he may even kill him. Planet in 2nd house would behave as enemy. If Jupiter/Saturn are in 11th house or 3rd then wear iron on the body and drink water in a silver glass. If ketu is in 5th house afterward Ketu gives bad consequences. There may be disorders of ear, back, urinary issues etc. There may be losses related to company concerned with Ketu.
1. Wear iron. Use silver glass.
2. Never require any electrical equipment as a gift.
3. Do not keep blue sapphire, toys or ivory in the shape of
an elephant.

Rahu Effects in 12th House
It signifies bedroom. Rahu here gives mental troubles, sleeplessness. Additionally, it leads to excessive outlay on sisters and daughters. If Rahu is with its enemies then it becomes next to impossible to make ends meet, despite hard labour. Additionally, it leads to allegations that are bogus. One may even visit the extreme of considering suicide. One has mental stresses.
Telling lies, deceiving others etc. may make Rahu even more malefic. If some body sneezes in the beginning of any new work gives malefic effect. There may be false allegations, ailments or larceny. If mars is with Rahu here, then it gives great results.
1. Take your meals in the kitchen.
2. Keep Saunf and khand under the pillow for sound sleep.

Hope the above Rahu Effects and Remedies will help have blissful Rahu in one’s life.

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