Checklist For Possession of Flat – Things To Verify Before Taking Possession

Checklist For Possession of Flat

checklistFollowing checklist needs to be verified at the time of taking possession of flat. This can be done at two levels one with respect to the Complex Premises and other related to the Flat itself. This will ensure that not just the flat but overall surroundings is ready for living or not.

Complex Premises

Following things need to be verified with respect to the livability inside the complex premises.

1. Whether the Under-construction area is cordoned off for Safety – to ensure both – Safety from Construction hazards & Social safety.

2. Whether Parking facilities are complete and adequate w.r.t Members taking possession

3. Whether Common areas – Like Entrance and Lift lobbies, Basement/Podium parking are adequately lit and ventilated.

4. Whether Security personal deputed for vigilance in the above common areas considering it’s an under-construction Project.

5. Whether Club house / Other Recreation Amenities like Walking/Jogging tracks, Garden area made available along with Apartment possession.

6. Power back up provision for Common area lighting, Lifts etc.

7. Fire safety provisions for Tower and common areas.

Apartment / Flats

Following things need to be verified with respect to the livability inside the Apartment or Flat.

1. Provision of Drinking water

2. 24×7 electrical supply and Power Back up

3. Whether tiling work in order? Any damages to tiling?

4. Whether Drainage for Kitchens n Toilets is working perfectly?

5. All Electrical points supplied are in working condition?

6. Whether all Lifts are installed? Are they working? Are they in usable condition? Are they safe to be used by Senior Citizens or children?

7. Whether staircases are clean and clear of any construction material? Any stack up of material blocking easy access to stairs can be a safety concern.


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