Performance Appraisal Process – Overview, Components and Benefits

Performance Appraisal

This informative article on Performance Appraisal helps understand the key concepts associated with Performance Appraisal.

Why Have Performance Appraisal?
Performance Appraisal offers several advantages at the level of the:
• Recognition of past effort
• Developmental requirements can be uncovered

• Alignment of effort with objectives
• Motivation of team members

• Development of staff
• Achievement of key objectives
• Best and focused utilization of human resources

Performance AppraisalPerformance Appraisal and the Organization
The benefits to the individual, team and organization are good reasons for having an appraisal process in place. To maximize the benefits – the organization must support the appraisal process through:
• Appropriate resources to facilitate the process
• Design of a suitable process for the organization.
• Training of management staff in the process.
• Training of the personnel in the process.

Performance Appraisal Process

The main components of the appraisal process can be listed as:
• Manager
• Employee
• Peers
• Facts
• Opinions
• Positive
• Negative

Appraisal Procedure
To increase the effectiveness of the appraisal process the following issues must be covered by the procedure.
• Agree the objectives
• Monitor performance
• Give sufficient notice
• Prepare any necessary documentation
• Prepare the location
• Conduct the appraisal
• Complete all relevant documentation
• Implement any agreed plans

Overall Benefits of Performance Appraisal
Having a well-defined procedure that can be followed and fully implemented will all the overall benefits of appraisal to be delivered. These benefits can be listed as:
• Increased employee performance
• Greater control of work
• Improved motivation and commitment
• Increased information flow
• Better relationships within & across the organization

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