Navgraha Mantra – Chant 108 times to seek blessings of Navgraha

Navgraha Mantra

navgraha mantraNavgraha Mantra is the best way to please 9 planets (navgraha) and seek their blessings to make our life happy and prosperous. Ideal way is to chant individual mantra 108 times on specific day of the week which is attributed to a specific planet(s).

Beej Mantra For Sun

Om hram hrim hraum sah suryaya namah

Beej Mantra For Moon

Om shraam shreem shraum sah chandramasay namah

Beej Mantra For Mars

Om kraam kreem kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Beej Mantra For Mercury

Om braam breem braum sah budhaya namah

Beej Mantra for Venus

Om draam dreem draum sah shukraya namah

Beej Mantra For Saturn

Om praam preem praum sah shanayishraya namah

Beej Mantra For Rahu

Om bhraam bhreem bhraum sah rahave namah

Beej Mantra For Ketu

Om sraam sreem sraum sah ketave namah

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