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Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips

Time Logs

  • A time-log is an effective way to see where your time actually goes to during the working day Record the information for about 2 weeks to get a representative picture of time spent
  • By logging activities and the time taken to complete them, the time-log provides useful information that can identify
    1. Accuracy of estimating time for tasks
    2. Time stealing activities
    3. Level of interruption
    4. Loading during the day
    5. Crises points / tasks

Quality Time

  • Quality time is where you can plan to do the most important high priority tasks
  • It allows for deep concentration through eliminating interruptions
  • It imposes a structure on work
  • It allows you to move away from reactive work to proactive work

Dealing with Documents

  • Document handling can steal a vast quantity of time from our working day
  • Improve your document handling by:
    • Handling documents only once by :

– Act on what is required by the document

– File the document for reference later

– Dump the document

  • Have a good system for handling your documents that allows you to:

– Define what you need to keep and for how long

– Allows you to file materials easily and logically

– Facilitates access to materials

– Purge the files on a regular basis

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