Crisis Management – An Important Aspect of Time Management

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Crisis Management

Proactive Vs Reactive

  • Reactive work – concentrates on getting things done

– Handling daily routines

– Dealing with urgency

– Resolving crises

– Handling interruptions

  • Proactive work – concentrates on making things happen

– Developing plans and schedules

– Focusing on key tasks

– Achieving deadlines & targets

– Managing projects


Why Crises Occur

Checklist of reasons:

– Failure to recognize the crisis

– Underestimation of time required

– No contingency plan is ready

– No follow-up on delegated tasks


Anticipating & Preventing Crises

The most effective way to anticipate and prevent crises is to:

– Set deadlines and stick with them

– Use interim targets and milestones to break the task or project into manageable chunks

– Build the schedule so that it is realistic

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