Jupiter Transit 2017 – Guru Peyarchi 2017 for 12 Moon Signs

Jupiter Transit 2017 (Guru Peyarchi 2017) for 12 Moon Signs

jupiter transit 2017 guru peyarchiJupiter Transit 2017 article is about the Jupiter planet.  “Guru” is considered as the most auspicious of all the planets. Having Jupiter strong in one’s horoscope is very important as it ensures that person will have abundance of wealth, good progeny (children) as well that person will be enjoying the marital bliss i.e. successful marriage. As the saying goes “Guru che Bal dete Fal” meaning if you have strong Jupiter, you will be successful all the important aspects of the life, be it career, marriage, wealth, progeny, luck etc. But when Jupiter is not strong or in weaker position in the horoscope, then one will find turbulences and hurdles in achieving the ultimate success.

Hence it is very important to study and analyze the Jupiter Transit 2017 (Guru Peyarchi 2017) so that we can make most of the positives offered or otherwise try out remedies to reduce the negatives if there are any.

Jupiter transit happens every 13 months. It moves from one sign to another. So here one needs to see how this Jupiter transit 2017 is going to influence his life during that transit period. Jupiter has recently transited into Libra sign from Virgo Sign on 12th September 2017 and will stay there till 11th October 2018.

Here in this article our attempt is to do the impact analysis of Jupiter Transit 2017 for each of 12 moon signs.


Jupiter Transit 2017 for Aries Moon Sign – Mesh Chandra Rashi

During this Jupiter transit, Jupiter happens to be in the seventh house from your moon sign. Jupiter in 7th house, aspects 11th house and 3rd house. Jupiter in seventh house offers challenges to these natives on partnerships front in both personal as well as business. So here the advice is to ensure constant communication with the partners. You need to maintain peace and harmony in your relationship. However great time for self-development and growth. Again you need to be careful in financial dealings as this would also be another area of concern to you.


Jupiter Transit 2017 for Taurus Moon Sign – Vrishabh Chandra Rashi

During this transit, Jupiter will be in the 6th house for Taurus natives. Also from 6th house, it will have drishti (aspect) over 10th, 12th and 2nd houses. 10th house aspect signifies that they will have good times on the career front and can expect career future growth prospects. Business people can expect increased sales and revenues. They can even think of expanding their business to new territories. 2nd house aspect ensures that you will have increased flow of income which will further help you make added provisions for your family.


Gemini Moon Sign – Mithun Chandra Rashi

For Gemini people, the Jupiter will be moving into the fifth house in their chalit kundali. From here, Jupiter will have aspect over their 9th, 11th and 1st houses. This makes Gemini be the most favored sign for this transit and will have most of the benefits of auspicious Jupiter. Gemini people will all around good time during this transit. Due to 5th house movement, they are going to have good time with their children. They will be more interested in children’s growth and upbringing. Due to 9th aspect, they are going to have luck in their favor and hence they can even try speculative things as well like shares trading, lottery etc. Due to 11th house aspect, they are going to have influx of money from different sources. The indications of easy money are very high during this transit. There is a possibility of even receiving favors from in laws. Small efforts on their part can bear high yields.


Cancer Moon Sign – Karka Chandra Rashi

This transit will have Jupiter in 4th house for Cancer moon sign natives. From here Jupiter will have aspects over 8th, 10th and 12th houses. Since Jupiter is 9th lord for Cancer sign, they will find luck in their favor. Though this is true, however please be careful in your financial matters as you may not have sufficient support from Jupiter on this account. Try not to lend money to anyone. Due to 12th house aspect, you may get into unnecessary expenditures and again your financial planning will go for toss. Overall expenditure will be out of control. Job or business will be normal but don’t take anything for granted.


Leo Moon Sign – Simha Chandra Rashi

This transit will have Jupiter in the 3rd house for Leo moon sign natives and this means Jupiter will aspect 7th, 9th and 11th houses. Natives will be able to help siblings with the much-needed help and may even help younger siblings with their career building. Business and professional people are going to go on short term travels which will be beneficial to them. Social network is expected to grow during this time. This will help improve the business and professional growth prospects to them. They will find luck favoring them during this time. Married couples to enjoy their marital life to the fullest. Singles to find their soulmate.


Virgo Moon Sign – Kanya Chandra Rashi

During this transit, Jupiter is transiting in their 2nd house. From here Jupiter will aspect 6th, 8th, and 10th houses. Due to 2nd house transit, natives will have monetary gains. Good time for business people to expand their business capacity. Business people will have good opportunity to strike good business deals. Long standing health issue may find permanent solutions. Job seekers to find jobs and existing job holders to get growth in their profession in terms of promotion and salary increase.


Libra Moon Sign – Tula Chandra Rashi

During this transit, Jupiter will be transiting in the natal moon. From here Jupiter will have aspect over 5th, 7th and 9th houses. This transit will help in self-growth of the Libra natives. It will also help in developing a healthy relationship. Singles to find their partners. Married people to find marital bliss during this period. Students to achieve the desired results. Aspiring parents can find favorable time to bear a child during this time. 9th house aspect to provide the natives with favorable luck prospects.


Scorpio Moon Sign – Vrishchik Chandra Rashi

During this transit, Jupiter will be in 12th house for Scorpio moon sign. From here, Jupiter has aspect over 4th, 6th and 8th houses. 12th house transit does not augur well for you as for Scorpio natives as it will spoil the financial health. So, advice here is not to get into any financial investment during this transit. You need to be careful while handling the financial matters. Don’t get into any speculative transactions like shares trading, betting etc. Unmarried people will have strong desire to get into some intimate relationships. Married couples will enjoy peace and harmony. Students of Scorpio moon sign will have tough times during this transit. They will not get the desired results. Expenses for family are expected to rise during this transit.


Sagittarius Moon Sign – Dhanu Chandra Rashi

This transit will have Jupiter in their 11th house. From here Jupiter will have aspects over 3rd, 5th, 7th houses. 11th house Jupiter indicates that you will good income flow and gains. This positivity in monetary gains might be disturbed to some extent during the time when Jupiter turns retrograde (Vakri). Also, it will have some adverse effects on your relationships with the near and dear ones. Again, when the Jupiter becomes direct in motion, again the you will have improved monetary time and enjoyable time with the family. There are chances of getting differences with the partner resolved during this time. Natives will have good time because of children. Children will have good academic progress and this will make the natives happy and satisfied.


Capricorn Moon Sign – Makar Chandra Rashi

This transit will have Jupiter in 10th house for Capricorn moon sign. From here Jupiter will have aspect over 2nd, 4th and 6th houses. This will have strong financial position. You will have increased income flow. Job aspirants may get promotions and increase in remuneration. If there is long standing health issue, high possibilities are there for overcoming this major health issue. Natives are expected to enjoy good family life.


Aquarius Moon Sign – Kumbha Chandra Rashi

This transit will have Jupiter in the 9th house from your moon sign. From here Jupiter will aspect your 1st, 3rd, and 5th houses. This transiting and aspects augur very well for Aquarius natives. Luck will be favoring Aquarius natives all throughout this transit period. There will be ample opportunities for achieving ultimate growth. You will be able to meet influential people during this time which will help you immensely in growing your prospects. Your network will expand. This a very good time for students as well. Students will find desired success. Natives to find good time in love and relationships.


Jupiter Transit 2017 for Pisces Moon Sign – Meena Chandra Rashi

During this transit, the Jupiter will be in eight house from the moon sign. From here it will aspect 12th, 2nd and 4th houses. You will good time with the financial matters. At the same time expenses will be on rise, however Jupiter will help manage the expenses comfortably. Favorable change in residence is on the card. Moving to the new house or renovating the existing house will be done during this time. Refrain yourself from taking new loans or building debt. You will have good family time. Business people will have good time with the new valuable orders.

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