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Do you think Bid Management is different from Project Management?

Do you think Bid Management is different from Project Management?

How many of you think good Project Managers can become great Bid Managers?

Bid Management

I am writing today to share my thoughts and bit of experience that caused a paradigm shift in my thinking. I have working experience in both of these. Just like many other PMs, I used to be initially bit reluctant to get into the Bid Management. I used to feel Bid Management is different from the Project Management. But as the time gone by, I could work on quite a few bids. This helped me to realize that even the Bid Management needs to be done through a proper process. To do this, entire bidding process needs to be managed effectively.

In the earlier part of my Presales work, process used to be followed but on an ad-hoc basis. There were hardly any templates being used. But over the period, we started articulating the bid process. This gave birth to standards and templates. These templates can be followed and repeated in every bid response. This helped in generating quality bids in quick time.

It was then a Paradigm Shift for me towards the Bid Management and Presales.

I realized just like Project Management, Bid management also follows a process. This process involves certain similar activities. like bid related scoping, estimating, costing, resourcing, schedule tracking and monitoring.

This made me to accept the fact that the Project Managers can indeed make better bid managers. They can draw in their project management expertise in Bid response management.