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Mahashivratri – How to please Lord Shiva to seek his Blessings

MahashivratriMahaShivratri is a extremely holy and pious festival where people all across the world come together & pray to the mighty Bhagwan Bholenath by showering him with prayers, prasad and devotion.

The spiritual excitement, heartfelt joy & the overwhelming enthusiasm is visible everywhere. As per traditional beliefs, Mahashivratri marked the first day when people got to see Lord Shiva in a different avatar (Ling incarnation to be very specific). Mahashivratri is usually celebrated on the 14th day of the dark lunar fortnight in the month of Falgun. This year it is celebrated on 24th of February. So, pray sincerely to the Lord Shiva on this auspicious day to seek his blessings and make your life full of happiness.

MahaShivratri Puja Muhurat :

Nishita Kaal Puja Time : 24:09:07 to 24:59:21

Duration : 50 minutes

Maha Shivratri Parana time: 06:51:58 to 15:27:20 on 25th, February

How to worship Lord Shiva with that perfect Puja Vidhi

  • The Fast & the Rudrabhishekam holds the highest importance in regard to Maha Shivratri festival. It plays a vital & an instrumental role in pleasing Lord Shiva.
  • Observe a fast for the entire day, eating only fruits & milk.
    Recite Shiva Puran as well as Mahamrityunjaya mantra. Chant Om Namaha Shivay. Try to stay up all night to worship Lord Shiva sincerely.
  • Pay homage to Lord Shiva, along the 4 phases of night. However, keep in mind that during the Nishita kaal, the veneration to Lord Shiva holds of great & pivotal nature.

The Significance of the most important of fasts there is to please Lord Shiva

One such parable which greatly explains this phenomena is when Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiva as to which of the fasts would prove to be the decisive factor in becoming the most standout-est of fasts to amend all the wrongs, while being practically the most sort after fast there is to attain mental satisfaction as well as inner peace, only if such a thing ever existed. To answer this question, Lord Shiva slowly explained to goddess Parvati about the gravity that this fast holds, which should be observed on Mahashivratri. And because the incarnation of Lord Shiva came to light on the said day, hence it is celebrated as Mahashivratri.

How Lord Shiva ended the Ego trip of both Lord Vishnu as well as Lord Brahma.

According to the popular folklore, Lord Vishnu as well as lord Brahma started being self confident & egoistic. Both of them wanted to prove to each other as to which one is the stronger between the two of them. While they were having this intense discussion/bickering, Lord Shiva amused by the topic of dispute thought of teaching the mighty lords a lesson to really think about. He conjured this super-colossal of a humongous light pillar & asked Lord Vishnu to descend & Lord Brahma to ascend to the bottom & the top respectively. After hours of climbing & descending, the mighty lords caved in to the never ending chase. This incident alone was enough to remind the two that no matter how much they fight over the fact that who is the most powerful, for that place already belongs to the unparalleled & unsurpassable Lord Shiva.

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Dussehra – Good Win with Evil Dead celebrated as Vijayadashami

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadasami  or Ayudhapuja. It is an highly auspicious Hindu festival celebrated across India and Nepal. Dussehra is derived from Dasa-Hara meaning Ravan’s defeat.


The Hindu culture has a eco friendly tradition. Like all other Hindu festivals, this festivity is also very eco friendly.

Trees like Pipal, Banyan, Neem have long been worshipped here.

The Shami tree whose leaves are distributed as Gold in Dussehra is a deciduous tree that sheds it’s leaves in Autumn.

You would have noticed that the leaves one receives as Gold are big and almost dry and not tender new born leaves.

As the tree sheds the leaves in Autumn/Winter in order to prevent the destruction of tree for fire wood its leaves have been given religious significance.

Using  leaves as Gold ensures that people will not cut the tree and ensure its survival.

Hindu Shastra and tradition is based on a deep science whose meaning and intent is a great case of interesting study.

So celebrate this Dussehra with great joy and happiness.


Ganesh Idol in different forms found and worshiped across globe

Lord Ganesh idol & worship existed throughout the world and not just India since Ancient times. There are interesting local flavors to the forms of Ganpati idols worshiped across globe.

It existed in South America, Europe, Middle east, and almost all of Asia.

German scholar Philipp Franz von Siebold has written that in the year 1832, there were around 100 shrines of Lord Ganesh in Tokyo itself.

A 12th-century temple of Ganesh in Asakusa suburb of Tokyo has been declared a national treasure of Japan.

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Ganesh Idol - China 1
Ganesh Idol – China
Ganesh Idol - Vietnam
Ganesh Idol – Vietnam
Ganesh Idol - Japan
Ganesh Idol – Japan
Ganesh Idol - Thailand
Ganesh Idol – Thailand
Ganesh Idol - Indonesia
Ganesh Idol – Indonesia
Ganesh Idol - Rome
Ganesh Idol – Rome
Ganesh Idol - Tibet
Ganesh Idol – Tibet
Ganesh Idol
Ganesh Idol – India
Ganesh Idol - China
Ganesh Idol in China