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Obesity – STHAULYA – How to get rid of Obesity?

Obesity – STHAULYA – How to overcome Obesity?

Obesity i.e. Sthaulya is has been a most talking health problems across the globe. This is mainly caused due to the work routine, the untimely eating habits, eating junk foods, not doing regular exercise etc. So in this article, we will learn it’s definition, Reasons causing it and ways to treat it. Let’s look at how to deal with the obesity problem.

Obesity – Sthaulya

According to Ayurveda there are 7 basic tissue elements in the body also known as Dhatus. Dhatus are extremely important aspects in deciding a person’s health. In Sthaulya one of the 7 dhatus called Meda is increased. Meda means Fats. Normally Meda Dhatu provides insulation and energy,  protect vitals organs. But obesity begins when there is excess accumulation of meda (fats) under skin and around organs.

It is easy to diagnose as the bulge of fats can be easily seen. It is not just related to weight but to BMI i.e. BODY MASS INDEX. It is calculated as weight in kilograms divided by the height in metres.  Generally BMI is found to be greater than 30 in case of Obese people. They have too much fats over cheeks, buttocks, stomach, large hips and pendulous breast. They get easily tired, no stamina , increase in B.P. etc.


Due to lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle, psychologically disturbed, depressed or due to endocrine hyper-function.

Therefore Ayurveda says KARSHYAMEVA VARAM STHOULYA (Lean is always better than obese)


  • Never Skip Breakfast
  • Eat Less but More Often
  • Avoid Fried and Fast junk Foods
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Eat Fiber Rich Food, Salads etc.
  • Regular Exercise
  • Practicing Yoga regularly
  • Periodic PANCHKARMA

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