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NSE Holidays, BSE Holidays, MCX Holidays – Trading Holidays Calendar 2017

NSE Holidays, BSE Holidays, MCX Holidays

For year 2017, following are the NSE Holidays, BSE Holidays and MCX Holidays.

nse holidays


Trading Holidays Calendar for NSE, BSE, MCX

# Holidays Date Day
1 Republic Day 26th January 2017  Thursday
2 Maha Shivratri 24th February 2017  Friday
3 Holi 13th March  2017  Monday
4 Ram Navami 04th April  2017  Tuesday
5 Good Friday &
Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar Jayanti
 14th April  2017  Friday
6 Maharashtra Day  01st May 2017  Monday
7 Id-Ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id)  26th June 2017  Monday
8 Independence Day  15th August 2017  Tuesday
9 Ganesh Chaturthi  25th August 2017  Friday
10 Mahatama Gandhi Jayanti  02nd October 2017  Monday
11 Diwali-Laxmi Pujan*  19th October 2017  Thursday
12 Diwali-Balipratipada  20th October 2017  Friday
13 Christmas  25th December 2017  Monday

*Muhurat Trading is scheduled on Thursday, 19 October 2017 (Dipawali- Laxmi Pujan).

Exchanges will notify the timings for Muhurat Trading subsequently.

Holidays For Currency Trading And Clearing & Settlement

# Holidays Date Day
1 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 19th February 2017 Sunday
2 Mumbai Municipal Elections 21st February 2017 Tuesday
4 Gudhi Padwa 28th March 2017 Tuesday
3 Annual Bank Closing 01st April 2017 Saturday
5 Parsi New Year 17th August 2017 Thursday
6 Id-e-Milad 1st December 2017 Thursday

Holidays For Commodity Trading- MCX/NCDEX

# Holidays Date Day Morning Session Evening Session*
1 New Year’s Day 01st January 2017 Sunday Closed Closed
2 Republic Day 26th January 2017 Thursday Closed Closed
3 Mahashivratri 24th February 2017 Friday Closed Open
4 Holi (Rang Panchami) 13th March 2017 Monday Closed Open
6 Ram Navami 04th April 2017 Tuesday Closed Open
5 Good Friday & Ambedkar Jayanti 14th April 2017 Friday Closed Closed
7 Mahavir Jayanti 09th April 2017 Sunday Closed Open
8 Maharashtra Day 01st May 2017 Monday Closed Closed
9 Buddha Poornima 10th May 2017 Wednesday Closed Closed
10 Ramzan Id 26th June 2017 Monday Closed Open
11 Independence Day 15th August 2017 Tuesday Closed Closed
12 Ganesh Chaturthi 25th August 2017 Friday Closed Open
13 Bakri Id 02nd September 2017 Saturday Closed Open
14 Gandhi Jayanti 02nd October 2017 Monday Closed Closed
15 Dassera 30th September 2017 Saturday Closed Open
16 Moharum 01st October 2017 Sunday Closed Open
17 Diwali – Lakshmi Puja 19th October 2017 Thursday Closed Open**
18 Diwali – Balipratipada 20th October 2017 Friday Closed Open
19 Guru Nanak Jayanti 04th November 2017 Saturday Closed Open
20 Id-E-Milad 30th November 2017 Thursday Closed Open
21 Christmas 25th December 2017 Monday Closed Closed

Morning Session will be between 10:00 HRS to 17:00 HRS &  Evening session will be between 17:00 HRS to 23:30/23:55 HRS

*17:00 HRS to 21:00 HRS/21:30 HRS for Internationally linked Agricultural commodities

**Exchanges will notify the timings for Muhurat Trading subsequently.

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Tips for Web-Based Trade Show Management

How to use the internet to expand benefits to Trade Show Management:

contour the exhibit-space application method (Web based Trade Show Management) to chop prices.Just as today’s meeting landscape makes it difficult to draw in a lot of convention-goers, it’s conjointly troublesome to sell a lot of exhibit booths. In several industries, convention group action remains down, and exhibitors area unit hard a lot of from trade shows whereas desperate to pay lower fees. to form serving them even more durable, the exhibit sales method will be cumbersome, paper-driven, and effortful. But even as the net will facilitate your association manage its convention promoting and management, i think the net will assist you together with your fair.

Trade Show

Below are 17 ways that to use the net to expand impresario advantages, market your convention on-line, and contour the space-application method to chop prices.Create advantages for exhibitors by proper trade show management

1. Develop associate degree information-rich convention/trade show computing machine. This computing machine may contain careful data for attendees and exhibitors alike, together with a searchable info of exhibitors, impresario forms and applications, and schedule of events.
2. Feature a searchable info of exhibitors. If doable, offer attendees and website guests the power to browse the info victimization totally different sorts–for example, by name, product class, geographic coverage, etc.
3. Incorporate exhibitors into a private planner. several convention sites currently embrace an internet planner that permits attendees to form their own schedule of instructional sessions to attend. you’ll be able to enrich the planner and profit exhibitors by permitting attendees to pick exhibitors they need to go to and add them to their planners.
4. Post consecutive year’s computing machine ASAP once this year’s show. obtaining next year’s website on-line, associate degreed together with an impresario search, can profit exhibitors that check in early for booth area.Create advantages for networking
5. offer attendees the power to schedule appointments with exhibitors.Appointments may be created through e-mail links or a complicated appointment-scheduling application that supports requests, approvals, denials, appointment-conflict management, etc.

6. permit exhibitors to get attendant lists. whether or not you offer or sell attendant lists, make certain your privacy policy reflects this follow.
7. permit one-time e-mailings to attendees.Although most attendees wouldn’t be excited at the thought of giving exhibitors carte-blanche access to their e-mail addresses, one-time e-mail blasts, maybe sent through the association, can be an honest thanks to profit exhibitors and attendees alike.Create further promoting opportunities
8. permit exhibitors to possess, or purchase, expanded impresario search listings. Since the net doesn’t suffer from a similar area constraints that written materials do, permit exhibitors to possess expanded descriptions, logos, product announcements, contact data, etc.
9. offer exhibitors the power to sponsor parts of the net website and e-mail campaigns. though studies have shown that computing machine guests progressively ignore banner ads, embedded text ads in e-mail campaigns will be terribly effective for advertisers.
10. produce sections of the net website for featured exhibitors or new product ideas. These sections may be paid or supported reviews by employees or members. Either way, featured areas offer computing machine guests data regarding new exhibitors and product outside of the particular fair, and provides exhibitors further exposure to prospects.Streamline the exhibit-space application method
11. If your association uses a billboard membership info, raise your marketer or reseller if the system has modules that permit you to integrate on-line area applications together with your back workplace.
12. additional integrate area applications by requiring a login. though probably cumbersome to exhibitors, a login permits you to associate an area application with the correct company (and track its history) and calculate the correct booth fees.
13. check that your on-line area application mechanically sends out acknowledgments for area applications, booth assignments, and payments.
14. permit impresario contacts to verify their directory listings before the impresario directory goes to print.Measure your results
15. value whether or not impresario sign-ups enhanced overall as a results of your net activities.
16. Did you receive a lot of inquiries from prospective exhibitors?
17. what percentage were you ready to grow to be new or returning exhibitors?

Budget 2017 – 18 Highlights – Union Budget 2017 India


1. During Budget 2017 presentation, FM highlighted that India stands out as a bright spot amid world economic gloom .
2. Focus will be onenergizing youth to reap benefits of growth and employment.
3. IMF estimates worldBudget 2017 GDP will grow by 3.4 per cent in 2017.
4. Oil prices, rising dollar and volatile commodity prices seen as risks to Indian economy.
5. India is seen as engine of global growth, have witnessed historic reform in last one year.
6. Demonetisation is a bold and decisive measure, for many decades tax evasion was a way of life for many.
7. Note ban is expected to have only a transient impact on economy .
8. I am reminded of what our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi said: “A right cause never fails”.
9. The pace of remonetisation has picked up.
10. Effects of demonetisation not expected to spill over to next year.

11. Budget preponement to February 1 will give sufficient time to departments to implement government schemes.
12. Our Budget agenda is – transform, energise and clean India – TEC India.
13. Our approach in preparing the Budget is to spend more on rural areas, infrastructure and poverty alleviation with fiscal prudence .
14. Agriculture sector is expected to grow at 4.6%, agriculture expenditure targeted at Rs 10 lakh crore.
15. 36% increase in FDI flow; forex reserves at $361 billion in January, which is enough to cover 12 months needs.
16. In Budget 2017 Allocation under MNREGA increased to 48,000 crore from Rs 38,500 crore. This is highest ever allocation
17. Total allocation for rural, agricultural and allied sectors for 2017-18 is Rs 187223 crore, which is 24% higher than last year .
18. One crore houses for poor by 2019.
19. Safe drinking water to cover 28,000 arsenic and Fluoride-affected habitations in the next four years.
20. 133-km road per day constructed under Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana as against 73-km in 2011-14 .
21. For senior citizens, Aadhar cards giving their health condition will be introduced .
22. Two new All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS) to be set up in Jharkhand and Gujarat .
23. 3500km railway lines to be put up.
24. Service charge on rail tickets booked through IRCTC to be withdrawn.
25. Rail safety fund with corpus of Rs 100,000 crore will be created over a period of five years.

26. 500 rail stations to be made differently abled-friendly by providing lifts and escalators .
27. A new metro rail policy will be announced, this will open up new jobs for our youth.
28. Foreign investment promotion board (FIPB) to be abolished .
29. Allocation for infrastructure stands at a record Rs 3,96,135 crore .
30. Government to set up strategic crude oil reserves in Odisha and Rajasthan.
31. 1.25 crore people have already adopted Bhim App for digital payments .
32. Aadhaar Pay- an app for merchants- to be launched’ 20 lakh aadhaar-based POS by September 2017 .
33. Government is considering introduction of new law to confiscate assets of offenders who escape the country.
34. Defence expenditure excluding pension at Rs 2.74 lakh crore .
35. Fiscal deficit for 2017-18 pegged at 3.2 percent of GDP .
36. Fiscal deficit target for next three years pegged at 3 percent.
37. India’s tax-to GDP ratio is very low. We are largely a tax non compliance society, when too many people evade taxes burden falls on those who are honest.
38. Out of 3.7 crore who filed tax returns in 2015-16, only 24 lakh persons showed income above Rs 10 lakh.
39. Of 76 lakh individuals who reported income of over Rs 5 lakh, 56 lakh are salaried.
40. Small firms with turnover up to Rs 50 crore to pay 25% tax now, instead of 30%.

41. Black money SIT has suggested no cash transaction above Rs 3 lakh. The government has accepted this recommendation .
42. Maximum cash donation any party can receive will be Rs 2000 from one source.
43. Political parties will be entitled to receive donations by cheques or digital modes.
44. An amendment being proposed to RBI Act to enable the issuance of electoral bonds for political funding.
45. Shri. Jaitley reduces income tax rate from 10% to 5% for tax slab of Rs 250,000 to Rs 500,000 .
46. Surcharge of 10% for those whose annual income is Rs 50 lakh to 1 crore
47. 15% surcharge on incomes above Rs 1 crore to continue
 End of Budget 2017 Highlights
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Currency Converter – Get Instant Foreign Exchange Rates

Get Instant Foreign Exchange Rates – You can use the currency converter tool to get instance exchange rates for different currencies.

Currency Converter


Currency Converter
Foreign Exchange

Ways to save taxes for salaried professionals

Tax planning is always there on everybody’s radar. People always look out for avenues and ways for tax savings and deductions. So if you are one of those guys, then these Tax Savings Tips might be of help to you.

  • Gifts received in the form of cash or cheque

If you have received presents/gifts in the form of cash or cheque in your marriage, then this entire gift amount is tax free.

  • Income from interest on savings bank account not taxable up to Rs. 10,000

Interest income is not taxable up to Rs. 10,000. This means if you have earned say Rs. 12,000 during the year, then you have just pay tax on Rs. 2,000 only.

  • Profit from selling shares or equity mutual funds not taxable if holding period is more than 12 months

There is a short term gain tax applicable if you earn profits from selling shares or equity mutual funds in less than 12 months from the purchase date.

  • Money you’ve inherited

There is no inheritance tax in India. So anything you get from your deceased parents or relatives as per their legal will is fully exempt from tax.

  • Bounty of options available to save Tax under section 80C

Under section 80 C, there is a maximum tax deduction up to Rs. 150,000 provided you invest in any one or multiple of the following:

  • Life Insurance Premium (LIC, HDFC Life etc.)
  • Public Provident Fund (PPF)
  • National Savings Certificate (NSC)
  • Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)
  • Principal Amount Repaid on Home Loan
  • 5 year fixed deposits with banks and post office
  • Tuition fees paid for children’s education, up to a maximum of 2 children
  • Tax saving on home loan under section 80C, section 24

Home loan offers you couple of options for tax savings/deductions. Firstly the principal amount repaid during the FY can be included in 80c, where you can claim a deduction of up to Rs 150,000. In addition to this you can claim deduction up to Rs 150,000 under Section 24.

Tax Savings Tips
Tax Savings Tips

Tax saving on education loan

Under Section 80E the interest paid on an education loan is fully non-taxable up to any amount. You can also claim this deduction if the education loan is taken for your spouse or children.

Tax Slabs for Assessment Year 2016-17 & Assessment Year 2017-18

Following are the Latest Income Tax Slabs for Individuals for Assessment Year 2016-17 (FY 2015-16) and AY 2017-18 (FY 2016-17):

1. In case of an Individual or HUF or Association of Person or Body of Individual 

Taxable income Tax Rate
Up to Rs. 2,50,000 Nil
Rs. 2,50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 10%
Rs. 5,00,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 10,00,000 30%

2. In case of a resident senior citizen (who is 60 years or more at any time during the previous year but less than 80 years)

Taxable income Tax Rate
Up to Rs. 3,00,000 Nil
Rs. 3,00,000 – Rs. 5,00,000 10%
Rs. 5,00,000 – Rs. 10,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 10,00,000 30%
Latest Income Tax Slabs
Latest Income Tax Slabs

3. In case of a resident super senior citizen (who is 80 years or more)

Taxable income Tax Rate
Up to Rs. 5,00,000 Nil
Rs. 5,00,000 – Rs. 10,00,000 20%
Above Rs. 10,00,000 30%

Brand Rajinikanth goes viral on the occasion of Kabali release

With just a week for the release of Rajinikanth’s Kabali, the makers are going all out to cash in on the superstar’s popularity.

From planes to telecom companies to T-shirts, mobile cases, coffee mugs and innovative posters, Brand Kabali is spreading like wildfire.


One of the first to announce an association with Kabali was AirAsia, the low-cost Malaysian airline, who will ferry fans from Bengaluru to Chennai to catch the premier show on the day of release — July 22.

The special flight already has Rajinikanth’s image from the film.

Priced at Rs 7,860, the package will be inclusive of the flight ticket, movie ticket, an audio CD, breakfast, lunch and other Kabali merchandise.

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Infosys Q1 net profit rises 13.4% to Rs 3,436 crore

IT major Infosys on Friday posted a 13.4 per cent rise in consolidated net profit. Net Profit stood at Rs 3,436 crore (Rs 34.36 billion) for the first quarter ended June 2016. Company slashed full-year revenue guidance to 10.5-12 per cent in constant currency terms.

Infosys campus.
Infosys campus.

The numbers were below market expectations, leading to the Infosys stock tumbling 8.4 per cent to Rs 1,077.10 on BSE in early trade.

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Brexit may create walls, but brings opportunities: Sikka

Infosys CEO’s comments come a day after larger rival Tata Consultancy Services said it is keeping a close ‘watch’ on the European market in the context of Brexit, but is yet to see any client-specific negativity.


Infosys chief executive officer Vishal Sikka on Friday said Brexit has led to uncertainty in the near term, but expressed optimism that it may also offer revenue growth ‘opportunities’ as new demand for technology services and integration comes up in medium to long term.

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