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Have you ever thought about taking a WhatsApp Holiday?

Have you ever thought of going on WhatsApp Holiday? Interesting question, Right? Well I am just returning back from WhatsApp Holiday. So you may ask whats so special about it and why so much of fuss about it.

whatsapp holidayFriends, idea for writing this article has evolved from my own real life experience, I recently went on the WhatsApp Holiday accidentally. It all started with my Son playing with my mobile. Accidentally he pressed something and got all the apps removed from my mobile. That act of my son forced me to go on WhatsApp vacation.

After getting to know that all the apps on my mobile got vanished, I started thinking about quickly getting all the very important and essential apps back. And you know what, “WhatsApp” was the first app that came to my mind. As if, it is the only oxygen source I need to be stay alive. But for some strange reason, I started thinking otherwise. As I could observer the little impatience it has caused for not having WhatsApp on my mobile. Then I asked myself a question, is WhatsApp really that necessary for me to live my life or for that matter prove to this world that I am alive. Am I so much addicted to it that I cannot live without it? That gave rise to the idea of taking WhatsApp Sanyas (Retirement). Initially I was calling it WhatsApp Sanyas (WhatsApp Retirement), but eventually it ended up into taking WhatsApp Holiday.

There are few interesting takeaways as below:

    1. First and the foremost thing is that I am happily surprised to see that I could manage without WhatsApp for little more than 2 weeks. Before this Sanyas, a day without WhatsApp seemed highly impossible, but now that has been proven a myth. And the good news is that we can still live without it.
    2. No Doubt, WhatsApp has become an effective medium for real time communication. It’s a great medium for social networking. But then have you realized that over the period, unknown people have started communicating with you, people you really don’t care about, have also started sharing their statuses with you. There is no right moment or time to share the information. At times there is an influx of messages of which 90% is of no use or of any interest to you.  For me, during this period I could only had a valid and mere necessitated communication when needed. No unwanted communication happened. Those who wanted to communicate with me, either called me up, sent SMS or at times emailed me. So communication did happen  but only when necessitated.
    3. My feeling is that on an average, WhatsApp activity consumes no less than 60% of your overall free time and not just that at times it even eats into your valuable work time as well. So this WhatsApp Sanyas freed up this much of time for me and I could get few pending activities completed during this time. I could also spend some quality time with my family and children.
    4. WhatsApp hijacks your emotions for good and/or bad reason. Say for instance, you are tensed or under pressure, suddenly you receive a WhatsApp message that makes you laugh and helps you relax. On the contrary, there could be a situation when you are in happy mood and suddenly someone shared some tragic incidence or news which you or the sender of that message or both of you are not even distantly related. Now this message may spoil your mood. So you may not have your emotions the way they should  be.

Reading above points you might think and now ask me, then why am I not extending it forever. Even I thought likewise as I used to call this as Sanyas or Retirement from WhatsApp. But as few days passed by, I started getting few of my WhatApp contacts calling me and inquiring me if everything is fine with me. This made me to realize that there are these strong bonds developed over the period with all of these friends and well wishers. And obviously, here WhatsApp had played a major part in developing those bonds and connectons.

So this made me to reconsider my decision of Sanyas. Eventually I decided to change my decision and end the WhatsApp Sanyas and instead term this absenteeism as WhatsApp Holiday or Vacation. Just like the vacation or holidays where we get out of our daily routine schedule and try to relax body and soul, WhatsApp Holidays can also be considered as a great source of relaxing our soul and recharging our thought process. Ideally it should be planned for minimum of 2 weeks and no bigger than 4 weeks.

So friends what are you waiting for. Go plan and enjoy a great WhatsApp Holiday.

Wishing you Happy Holidaying.

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Mole Astrology – What moles on body parts tells us?

Mole Astrology – What moles on body tells us?

Have you ever wondered what do the moles or marks on body parts indicate? Mole Astrology helps in understanding what moles on different parts of the body signify.

Mole Astrology

Mole is the spot that is formed mostly because of additional pigment on skin or due to some other reasons.

Moles can be found on multiple body parts.

Few types of moles are quite dark in color.

Few are lighter in color and can be called dark brown moles.

Few moles are brown and few of the moles are even light brown in appearance.

There is one more type of moles which is far rare and continuously provides impact against all quite malign yogas in horoscope.

Then there are white and tiny kind of moles which are formed before the birth.

Interestingly majority of moles are developed during the first 4 years after birth.

While few moles are temporary and few are formed when a person use to get good impact of parents’ stars.

It is commonly said that moles on palm, hand as well as below towards the feet area are considered to be inherited ones. These kind of moles are usually developed during the age range of 18-24 years. This is the time period, a person is said to be getting freedom from the nakashtra phal.

During this early age the planetary Maha Dasa gets control on person. These are formed according to transit of Rahu & Ketu.

In palmistry and other lines moles are the turning point of reading and it impacts on a person more then other spots.

If there is mole on the breasts of a woman, she is considered to be very lucky, in case of man, the man becomes holder of very small heart and always fears unnecessarily from many non-existent things in his life.

A woman with a red mark like a mole on the right breast, gets blessings from God and becomes mother of many children. This woman also receives a lot of happiness and comforts in her life. In case of man, this makes him fearful and his potential of having children always remains in doubt.

If any woman has a red color mole on her left breast, she will be blessed with nice but one son only.

If any woman has a mole on her right breast, she will give birth to many children, however majority of children would be girls.

As per Mole Astrology, if any woman or man has a red color mole or mark on the fore head then that person will be rich and wealthy or that person becomes ruler of a kingdom.

If any man has dark mark(s) on head, above to forehead then he also becomes the king. But if the mark is on left side of the head, then that man becomes the cause  for a very big fall or even breaking of a nation, and in some cases, along with his own stars, he get the empire vanished. But if the mark is on right side of the head then he is expected to become the cause for making or creating a big empire and he becomes the legend in his own lifetime.

If the man has a red color mark on the right cheeks, then the man enjoys eating lots of sweetened items and also gets lot of beauties in his lifetime.  Same is said for a woman if she has mark in left cheek.

If the woman has a red mark on the nose she eventually becomes herself or enjoys becoming of companion of a king or high dignitary. However if the mark is darker than light red then it indicates adultery in life.

All the marks below the navel are auspicious for both men & women as per mole astrology. If there is moles on the ears, cheeks or neck of a man then he gets blessed with baby boy first and he also enjoys good luck and enjoyments.

The man who has moles or marks in the front part of let or hand, where he can see it easily then such mark are not known as auspicious and they suffer much setbacks in life.

If a woman has the sign of table fork or W or triangle on her forehead then due to her good fortunes her husband also gains immensely and the woman enjoys the comfort that of a queen. If such a mark is placed on the forehead for a man, it ensures him  a dominating position.

A right turned circular hair formation on heart, navel, hands, right part of the back and in the portion between sex organ and navel, are always recognized as auspicious by the great astrologers. However left turned formation is not considered as auspicious for both men and women.

If such hair circle is forming on the waist and private parts it is not recognized as auspicious and such person are not known as domestic one.

If such a formation is occurring on stomach, the person concerned will lose his or her spouse within few years of marriage or his or her spouse will get some chronic illness and will become useless.

If such circular formation either clockwise or anti-clockwise at the center of the back, then such woman become addicted to adultery, whereas in case of man it makes him domestic person after the marriage.

If such circular motion is on the neck or center of the head, It is considered as inauspicious . If it is on the right side of head it brings fortunes to parents.

If a male with short lifeline in hand, gets married with a woman having auspicious signs or marks on body, then this man gets his longevity prolonged.

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Astrology Interpretations of Human Body Parts – Human Astrology

Astrology Interpretations of Human Body Parts

Have you ever wondered what our body parts predict? Then read this article to the Astrology Interpretations of Human Body Parts.

Astrology Interpretations


  • If the backs of the hands of an individual square measure well build, soft and beardless, such person sure as shooting enjoys auspicious effects of his or her all deeds. Such persons square measure heavenly blessed and have plenty of kindness in their heart.
  • If lines of palm of the person square measure clear, pink coloured, swish and full such persons enjoys happiness and every one comforts. women having such hand enhances luck of their husbands.
  • The one who has lines forming the shapes of a balance, elephant, bull or horse becomes the a business man or adult female of a bourgeois (in case of lady).
  • The one who has lines forming the form of a home is called lucky and become oldsters of terribly learned kids. The person lives sort of a king and no malevolent impact will bit him, if his adult female has a form of some arms like blade etc. in her palm.


  • If fingers of an individual square measure well-favored and soft segments, and forming ring at the top and while not hair, they’re thought of auspicious.
  • If fingers of an individual square measure terribly little, while not flesh, irregular, wide spaced (not near every other), hairy, and have additional then usual phases or while not segment such person losses an excessive amount of in their life and passes life in impoverishment.


  • If the nails of the fingers square measure pink coloured, having sensible hooklike and formed well at the highest, such person square measure terribly auspicious and presence of such person forever bring harmony and peace in others life.
  • If the nails of the fingers square measure flat, broken, yellow or white coloured or nails with spherical black spots such persons square measure pretty much perturbing and neither they’re lucky to them self nor proves lucky for others.


  • If the back of the person is fleshy and well developed with flesh, and have smooth skin, such person are very auspicious. Friendship with such persons brings a lot of good luck to others.
  • If the back is with a lot of hair, especially in case of lady, and skin looks thick, such person are very much inauspicious and such lady becomes the reason for destroying may families.


  • The neck of a lady have three lines or folds, round, well developed and delicate, is known as auspicious and god and goddess remain always happy with such lady and her family as well as friends.
  • Thick neck lady becomes the reason of mental stress to her husband.
  • Thick neck gents lives like king but they never care for their family.
  • If the Neck of a person is irregular built it indicates that the person concerned will become a maid servant and after marriage her husband will see much fall in life.


  • If the Throat of a person is straight, well developed, somewhat raised throat is known as auspicious and lord of intellect and gain showers his blessing to her husband.
  • If the throat of a person is having very thin flesh with veins and hair is never been recognized as good and such person use to be the reason of fighting in their surrounding

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